Complete Kitchens

We specialize in creating and installing custom kitchens in various styles, such as traditional, rustic, and modern. Our kitchens can feature islands, come in a kitchenette format, or have an open structure, and can be finished in lacquer, thermo-laminate, PVC, or wood.

Our customers have access to a wide selection of materials, colors, shapes, and sizes of furniture, cupboards, worktops, drawers, storage systems, as well as organization and space optimization solutions.
We design all components and complements with versatility in mind, to fit into different lifestyles and follow the latest trends in materials and manufacturing processes.

Experience a diverse range of high-quality materials, styles, and finishes that enable unique combinations of ergonomic design, functionality, and aesthetic appeal.

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Kitchen Manufacturers

As kitchen manufacturers, we have the expertise and necessary tools to ensure the highest level of quality throughout the entire process.

Our comprehensive, turnkey service begins with a 3D project design that takes into account your specific needs, including type and frequency of use, home style, and aesthetic preferences.

Once we’ve taken measurements and produced the necessary elements, our team of professionals will install everything with the utmost care and attention to detail.

Kitchen Cabinets

The furniture in your kitchen sets the tone for the entire room.

Our focus on ergonomics maximizes usability, with custom-designed cupboards that make use of corners, vertical or horizontal doors, extractable baskets, functional pantries, and drawers with smooth-sliding systems. We also incorporate built-in appliances and other modern, intelligent solutions for a high-quality, functional kitchen that enhances your quality of life.

Our modern and intelligent kitchen furniture also includes built-in appliances to further streamline your experience. With a range of styles and colors available, we’ll help you choose options that complement both your home and personal taste.

Unleash your creativity by combining various materials, colours, and designs to achieve a sophisticated and timeless look.

Kitchen Models

Our extensive range of high-quality materials offers a wide variety of unique and diverse kitchen models. With natural, matte, or glossy finishes, our stock provides a range of textures, colours, and details that can bring your kitchen to life and create completely different environments. We guarantee quick responses and extensive options to choose from.

Lacquered Kitchens

Lacquered kitchens can cater to various styles due to the availability of different formats. They are durable and robust while offering a simple, clean, and fresh appearance with a uniform and smooth finish. Moreover, lacquer is waterproof and easy to clean. This allows for maximum aesthetic freedom and sober lines in kitchen design.

A clean, fresh, and minimalist look

Laminated Kitchens

Thermo-laminate kitchens provide a feeling of openness and spaciousness. We offer highly versatile ranges with over 30 designs to suit different environments. Our range of designs includes the natural and imperfect characteristics of wood, the industrial and metallic style, and soft, anti-fingerprint and extremely opaque surfaces.

Enduring and timeless appeal

PVC Kitchens

PVC kitchens are known for their minimalist design and high-class aesthetics. With simple yet sophisticated designs, our Élite finish offers an ultra-matte, anti-fingerprint, and anti-scratch surface that provides a silky touch. These kitchens are perfect for creating a unique identity with neutral concepts and straight, smooth lines that evoke tranquillity.

Minimalist design and aesthetic for a luxurious feel

Wooden Kitchens

Our wooden kitchens offer a classic and inviting atmosphere, with exclusive and timeless cuts that blend warm touches of the past with innovative designs. While they are often associated with rustic styles, wooden kitchens have also gained popularity in modern settings due to their connection with natural elements.

Merging wood's durability with modern designs

Kitchen Countertops

We pride ourselves on our speedy installation of stone kitchen countertops, thanks to our in-house stone cutting machine.

This allows us to provide a truly personalized service that caters to your unique needs and tastes.

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outdoor kitchen

Outdoor Kitchens

Enjoy the beauty of Algarve living.

Built to endure the elements, our designs effortlessly blend durability and style, ensuring your outdoor space remains inviting and functional for years to come. Personalized to your preferences, our team of expert designers works closely with you to create a space that reflects your unique taste and complements the natural surroundings. Enhance your culinary experience with top-of-the-line appliances, making cooking outdoors an absolute delight. Embrace the essence of Algarve’s charm and elevate your lifestyle with a Lusokit outdoor kitchen.

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Kitchen Styles

We are prepared to design all types of kitchen styles.

Cutting-edge and extravagant, modern and minimalist, rustic and countryside, or traditional and elegant. The kitchen is a versatile construction capable of catering to all tastes. Designing a new kitchen is thrilling. We dedicate ourselves to all the finishes, specifications, and configurations to make your kitchen truly reflect your personality.

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Classic Kitchens

Combining traditional countertops with cabinets and finishes made of different types of wood, complemented by handles painted in warm, matte tones to create a feeling of comfort and warmth.

Rustic Kitchens

Featuring a rural aesthetic that connects with nature, while still incorporating modern elements. Wood and iron are prominent materials, and neutral colours add a timeless charm.

Modern Kitchens

Sophisticated with glossy cabinets, hidden handles, and understated or bold tones such as white, cream, black, green, blue, and red. They often feature large drawers and built-in appliances.